Registering with the U.S. Copyright Office


About three months ago, I registered over 100 of my landscape photography images with the U.S. Copyright Office to establish their protection under U.S. federal copyright law.  Doing so establishes when the images were first published, and provides for statutory damages if someone infringes my intellectual property rights.

I had been under the impression that this was a cumbersome and expensive process, and had therefore been hesitant to register my images as works of Visual Art, but the online form and submission process was really straightforward and only cost $35 for the Group Registration.

I just received a certificate in the mail yesterday confirming that my images are now registered. In addition to the legal protections this affords me, it also means my images (at full resolution) will be permanently archived in the Library of Congress.  Pretty cool!

To learn more about the eCo Online Registration process, please visit: