Photographing Three Dimensional Artwork


Over the last six months, I've photographer glass and sculpture work for a number of fine artists in the Gorge.  These shoots are similar in many ways to other types of product photography, however, there are important artistic considerations such as lighting, reflections, shadows, contrast, and preservation of the dimensionality of the object(s) that need to be considered.


I typically photograph these glass and ceramic works in my home studio (although I can bring my studio equipment and shoot on-location, when needed).  I normally setup a seamless backdrop using a roll of Savage paper on a background stand, and typically utilize up to four studio strobes to provide key light and fill to shape the light, soften shadows, and achieve the desired look.  I also use medium-sized v-flats (both black and white) to flag the light and control falloff on the background.

When photographing three dimensional artwork, I careful consider the purpose of the shoot and how the images will be used in the artist's portfolio, lookbook, or website to make sure the collection of images feel consistent and the lighting setup can be easily reproduced in the future to match the look.


To ensure accurate color and to maximize dynamic range and detail in the images, I use a Sekonic light meter to set exposures and fine-tune the lighting ratios with the strobes functioning in Manual Power mode.  Next, I photograph a reference shot which includes an X-Rite ColorChecker Passport in order to set custom white balance and create a custom camera profile that is specific to the studio lighting conditions and background.

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Card

If you are an artist creating 2D or 3D artwork that you need to document and share with galleries and prospective customers, I'd love to work with you.  I use proven studio lighting techniques to capture the beauty and details of your 3D artwork, and can produce high-key or low-key looks depending on your style/preference.

For larger projects, I will put together an estimate that reflects the efficiencies of shooting a large collection of artwork and will deliver high-quality images that will help your work stand out and sell regardless of where you're showing it.

Give me a call today at (541) 716-4749 to discuss your project.